Cemsearch Tutorial

Where Do I Start?  How Do I Use It?

What do I do now? These are very common questions with a program like this.  Never used it before?  Forgotten how to use since last time?  This tutorial will show you how.

We have made the website as simple and intuitive as we could so that anybody can use it without much preparation.  This tutorial, hopefully, will answer all your questions.  It is "short and sweet" so you should not have to spend a lot of time on it.

Open this tutorial in a separate window if you wish, then you can follow along as you experiment with CemSearch.


What is CemSearch?

CemSearch is a special genealogy computer program designed specifically for people who are "in search of their roots" in a wide circle based around this immediate area.

CemSearch is a comprehensive compilation of thousands of burial plots in hundreds of cemeteries from around this area, stretching as far north as Haliburton (???), East to Prince Edward County (????) and West to Oshawa (????). 

The formal "technical" name for this compilation is a "Database" which is really (as you may well know) a computer storage method that can hold enormous amounts of data and allows you to search it very quickly to find whatever you are looking for. 

 The information in this database has been painstakingly hunted down by a large team of volunteers working tirelessly, under the supervision of our Project Leader and Coordinator, Ron Smith.

These volunteers have poured through cemetery records (when available) and walked the cemeteries with pen and paper (or laptop) and camera in hand, recording all the details they could find on each and every burial plot, and photographing the tombstones so that you could see every special detail.

Never has such an extensive database been compiled for people seeking their roots, and offered to Library patrons free of charge (although we would welcome your donations! -- projects like this are very costly).


...to be continued.